Spoon and Belly

1 Aug
Long time readers might recall a post over a year ago proclaiming Spoon one of the most awesomest bands ever. Well, nothings changed. The last album was released around a year ago, and is still one of my favorite listens. All the tracks are also still available to listen to free of charge on there “jukebox” website as well. Plus they are Adam Buxton‘s favorite band too !

My belly (another great band) has felt like there is lead (the metal, not the dog thing) in it today. Ouch – cramptastic. Keep thinking it might still be that penny I swallowed a year ago ! Will find out what the next step is after my appointment (now set for a week Wednesday).

Have “frozen” my gym membership today (about 1 month later than I should). I am now paying about 25% of the cost for the privilege of not attending the gym now ! Silly really, but it preserves the good membership rate I have when I rejoin, which is quite a few quid below the cost should I “rejoin” later. I figure back into winter, with hopefully a restored tummy, I’ll be heading down for vital happy-chemical inducing lunchtime runs. And maybe some training for this 10 mile run in October, which is looking less and less likely going forward.


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