Reducing my iron levels

2 Sep

Today is staple removing day – finally the metal clips that have held my belly in check are leaving. Probably about time too, as it seems that my body is trying to get rid of them anyway – my dreams of being a cyborg have been cruelly shattered as it seems the bosy is smart enough to spot lumps of metal and tries to grow them out.

(one staple-removing appointment later…)

Ok, that was almost painless; just a little nip as the ends came out. And bless Mimi’s thorough nature for spotting that one was still in my belly button when the nurse said she was finished ! My wound is pretty much closed and healed now, and once the red dots which marked the staples have gone, it’ll just be a big, long belly scar for me. Mimi is looking at ungents, potions and spells to try and reduce the scar, but I think retaining some evidence of stomach surgery will be useful for breaking the ice at cocktail parties.

Walking and busing down to the surgery was fine. Pretty much most everyday movements are now, just restricted on how far (and fast) I can walk and no heavy lifting. But able to help out around the house a little more, as long as there isn’t too much bending over which hurts the tummy after a while. Hopefully enough to relieve my poor stressed out nurse Mimi ! Hopefully good enough to make our flights out to Portugal manageable next week – sometime in a hot country with my parents and a pile of books will do us both the world of good right now.

I am told a liver specialist will be taking another look at the results and presenting his findings in a meeting today. Not sure when I get to hear about it, but suspect I find out on Thursday when I see my Oncologist (cancer specialist) who should hopefully let me know what’s in store for the next few months. Bit scared, but then again answers are usually much more reassuring than open questions, so looking forward to getting some more of those.


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