Cycle three start here

11 Nov

Fine – so it’s cycle three.

Went to the clinic yesterday, go the Oxaliplatin in my arm – the second dose that has gone into the left arm. And f**k me it hurts – not just the usual deep pain in the vein, but most of the arm has gone numb and tingles, like a permanent pins and needles in the muscles. Really not a happy camper at all – had lots of trouble sleeping and pain-killers don’t really do much.

Might need to discuss other ways of getting this horrid drug going forward – one option involves a line in your arm with runs a tube up to the heart – which means no localised pain in the arm, but does mean I get a cannula sticking out my arm for the treatment duration which might be even more depressing. Or a surgical operation can put in a central line in my chest – which sounds like the least painful option, except for the whole “going for surgery” part.

For now, everything just feels like hard work and I just want to lie down and wait for it to go away. But that’s going to take days, so guess I need to fight through that, get some food, take all my daily drugs and keep up with life. Overall – Meh.


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