It’s good someone knows what’s going on – shame it’s me

28 Nov

Regarding my previous post – I just spoke to my Oncologist (who had e-mailed with my Liver surgeon) and it seems we had got numbers mixed up – when he spoke about 6 cycles, he had assumed I was on 2 week cycles (probably because of the Cetuximab, which IS a 2 week cycle). But my main chemo is given on a 3 week cycle – hence when he talked about 6 cycles, he meant 12 weeks (e.g. 4 of my cycles)

All in all this means the plan is “back to normal” – I am due one more cycle of chemo (starting Monday) and then a month off over xmas so that I am ready for surgery around mid-late January. I am somewhat relieved, my world is back in order now. But somewhat worried it’s back in order because I’ve been resposible for reminding my professionals of all the details of my case. I don’t want to be in charge, I hardly want to be invovled, I just want top notch medical scientists to do what’s best for me and get me cured !

But still, drama over for today 🙂


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