Inejction #4 – battling through it

2 Dec

Yesterday’s injection was much-dreaded. A long seven hour session at the clinic, as it was a Cetuximab AND Oxaliplatin session, and also because we slowed the Oxaliplatin down to take three hours instead of two.

This may of helped reduce the reaction, which was still painful like last time. Pins and needles up and down my arm (right arm, this time) and lots of stiffness and soreness. But I’m fighting through it this time. I got up at a good time, got my pills down me, and spent the morning chopping and preparing a tasty Heston Blumenthal Spag. Boll. (8 hours cooking time – yum) so that I was doing something and using my arm muscles, not resting them. The little pain I get from using the arm is somewhat countered by the movements slowly reducing the pins and needles and making me feel less “crippled” by the painful arm.

So all in all, emotionally this cycle has been so bad yet. For the first three days, I have to take the stronger drugs, including steroids that really wire me up, but once through them I hope to come out in good shape. I am also cheered that this might be the last cycle for a couple of months now, letting me look forward to christmas and snowbaording in the new year.


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