Cold Turkey before Xmas

15 Dec

So today I had my last injection, and tonight I am due to swallow the last of the Cepecitabine tablets. My right arm still hurts a little from a fortnight, my scalp is dry as heck and a couple of my fingers are starting to get quite painful around the nails… but I’m still in one piece !

This morning’s MRI scan was delayed due to a broken MRI machine, so I am due to return to their other clinic tomorrow morning to get that done, after which I have an appointment on Thursday to discuss the next steps. Only then will I know 100% if we are going ahead with surgery, which would mean a break of Chemo over xmas, or if they have other things in mind. If they say otherwise, I will scream, but I’d rather do what’s best advised rather than what suits me.

Got most of my xmas shopping done over the weekend too (much of it online) so looking forward to a pleasant and manageable run up to xmas holidays. Overall feeling quite confident that half of this is all behind me now, and with help, patience, experience and strength, the latter half will go even better.

More when I’ve spoken to the doctor on Thursday…


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