The surgery has been cut

13 Jan

Took a long lazy day today just relaxing and getting my thoughts together. One of these thoughts, around 4pm, was that I’d left my phone in the other room, and when I went to fetch it I realised I had missed a call from my liver surgeon relating to yesterday’s scan !

The message was that there was nothing distinctive on the CT scan to operate on – the lesions or “metastasis” on the liver were unclear which indicated the chemo was having a good effect on reducing them.

So it is the opinion of the surgeon that no operation should be attempted at this time, I should resume my treatment, and only if things reappear on a later scan should we attempt surgery. My thoughts are that this might mean I only delay a needed operation, potentially prolonging the time I am affect by this condition, but on a more positive note, it may be that no surgery will ever be required and the drugs can cure the liver metastasis all by themselves – which would be excellent.

I have had my month off chemotherapy, a break to allow myself some time to get my head together and be reminded what life is like outside of the drugs. I feel I am ready for another 3 months of treatment now, and hope future scans continue to offer the positive news that yesterday’s scan did.


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