One week to go…

6 Apr

So I come into the last week before surgery starts… and what a week it is ! Cinema, dinner, karaoke, gaming, seeing friends and family – everything a perfect week should have 🙂

A few people mentioned visiting, so I thought I’d put some details here. I am going into the Basingstoke and North Hampshire hospital on Tuesday for surgery on Wednesday morning. After that I expect to stay in for 6 more days. If you would like to visit, please arrange all the journey details yourself, but do drop Mimi a quick text to let her know what time you are planning to come as she is managing vistors to prevent too many people coming down at once.

That said, it’s a way out of town, and I look forward to seeing everyone during / after my recovery period of 4-6 weeks (if not this week !) so please don’t feel obliged to come down. Oh, and if you do come, please don’t bring any books – I am still well provided with literature after my previous hospital stay !!! Grapes are always welcomed though – seedless ones, mind you 😉

Getting more and more nervous about the uncoming stay – not been sleeping well for a number of nights now, which I suspect is due to anxiety or bottled up emotion (so typically British) or something like that. Ah well, best focus on the week of fun ahead rather than worrying unneccasary worrying !


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