The Final Injection

26 Jun

Been a little quite blog-wise of late. June saw a return to the chemo and all the unpleasantries that accompany that – nausea, tingling hands and feet, distaste for cold food and drink (hard, as I need to drink LOTS of water), steroids perventing sleep, chronic acne and generally being super-tired. Yeah, not fun basically.

So much not fun that rather than do the last two cycles back-to-back, I asked my oncologist about taking a week out, which she was happy with, so I actually spent the last week in Portugal, taking some time out with my folks at there little villa out there. Beasts of the land and sea were eaten along with a few cheeky glasses of the local vino. And so I am back home, and feeling recouperated.
And ready for the last…

No I’m now. I don’t think I’ve ever really been “ready” for these cycles. It’s just head down and soldier through, to be honest. Individually, they are quite manageable, it just gets tougher as each one comes to take it on the chin. But this is the last – 8 cycles is all they recommend for a patient in my situation. At the end of the day, the drugs do damage the body as well as kill the cancer, so a balanced amount is all they will administer. It could take up to as long as the treatment (e.g. ~9 months) for the side effects of the drugs to wear off fully, but I am hoping within 2-3 months to be at least 98% back to normal. Whatever that feels like 🙂

So – watches set for 9:30am tomorrow as the final drugs go in. Then tablets for two more weeks – in theory the last pill going down the morning of Monday, 13th July. Bad date for large, ginger cats, but an excellent date for this large, ginger cancer patient !


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