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2010 planning

24 Jan

Made it snowboarding in the end, 4 great days on the snow ! Exhausted afterwards though, especially due to having to get coaches instead of trains to and from the airport.

Now the new year beckons, and planning – birthday party, Australia visa, moving countries and a wedding all to sort out. Put together a long list of things to do, which means I feel comforted that I’ve captured all the tasks, so rather than do any of them, I’ve been having a wonderful relaxed weekend at my cousin’s for a Burn’s night supper. And playing with lego.
Coming up soon – MORE snowboarding, with a week in St Anton, and then I need to sort out my next scans to check everything is still fine inside. But first I gotta figure out this birthday party thing…

Icy plans

7 Jan

So the plan was to board a plane tomorrow morning (~6am), jet to Geneva, and spend 3.5 days in the snow with my trusty snowboard.

The train to Luton airport is not runnning, so I have a more expensive coach / taxi operation sorted out. I had to buy an extra coach ticket just now when I read snowboards were not allowed in the hold luggage (bet they are when I get there, but for a £10 it wasn’t worth pissing about with).

Main bugger is the dozen other people I am going with are flying out of Gatwick. There flight hasn’t been cancelled, but every flight before it HAS. I am supposed to meet them at the airport to share taxi rides to the resort.

Think I’ve written of the .5 day snowboarding. And that’s me being optomistic 🙂

Right now, it’s 5 hours until the taxi comes, time to rest my head, briefly.