I scan see clearly now the pain has gone

26 Feb

I realised recently I had almost moved onto Facebook updates over actual blogging. Partly this was due to work restricting access to my blogging site (so much for lunchtime blogging). I was then reminded by an article (http://ping.fm/FXjts) that blogging is actually a much more enriching experience and communication medium, and so I think I’ll try and blog more and facebook less. Not sure it’s time to delete facebook yet, but it’s certainly a secondary form of communication for me – I’ll pick up an e-mailed message or invite within 24 hours usually. On facebook, it’s closer to a week – which means I miss a few invites, but if they really wanted me there, they’d have e-mailed or called πŸ™‚

Anyhow, recently announced first on facebook was my recent scans at Basingstoke hospital, which I am very pleased to announce came out clear and promising. This is great news obviously, although I guess I wasn’t running out to tell the world ASAP. Why ? Partly because I guess I had lots of other things I was focusing my life on, so I was just “ignoring the whole cancer deal” for now. But also I guess because it is one of many scans I am due to have for the years to come, and this by no means radically changes what I had already taken onboard – I’ve come through chemotherapy and surgery with a reasonable percetnage chance for being totally cured in the long term. The percentage chance just went up a little, that’s all πŸ™‚

But it is important to celebrate the little victories along the path, so thanks to all kind commentators from facebook, and I am now very pleased to be able to share this with the far more discerning and cultured crowd that are my loyal blog reading massive !

More blood tests in 3 months, another scan in 6 months. After which, I might be investigating my options within the Australian medical care system. More on that later.


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