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Gonna take a walk down to Union Square, you never know who you’re gonna find there

25 Mar

Quick post to say I’ve been run, run, run, run, ruuuuun-ning more regularly now. Every Tuesday and Thursday to work (4km) and one day at the weekend, normally Sunday (4km).

Early days, as I’ve only managed to keep this up for 2 weeks now, but if I can keep this up, I hope to be a little lighter and more importantly a good deal fitter by the Summer. Will hopefully increase the Sunday run distance slowly too. Work isn’t getting any further away though, so might make the Tues / Thurs runs into varied speed runs as I go (e.g. 1-2 mins of “race pace” between 7-8 mins “regular jog” and build up like that).

Much of this is a desire to feel as good as I did 2 years ago, and wanting to be fit before my wedding (and future fatherhood, which seems to be a physical trial on any man !) But I also must also thank the stick – being reminded by my oncologist that obesity is tied in with recurrences of bowel cancers – and the carrot – ┬áJon bought me a really good rough guide book to running, with lots of tips to keep the hobby interesting and answer any concerns I had.


First thoughts on WordPress

23 Mar
My first impressions of using WordPress
Good points :
  1. Much better tools and interface for authoring / managing posts
  2. Cleaner management of the overall page layout
  3. I can access it from work (for now…)

Bad Points :

  1. Much more limited in tweaking page appearance (for free blogs) and can’t add “embedded” widgets, like the photo slideshow I used to have
  2. Can’t seem to get my domain URL ( to redirect here yet (ok, that’s not WordPress’ fault, but it’s still annoying me)
  3. Interface doesn’t use all the screen, sometimes makes it feel quite “sparse” on the front page.

Just my first thoughts. Back to proper blogging soon, once I’ve finished blogging about blogging…

Welcome to Word Press

20 Mar

Yes, I’ve moved my blog. Blogger (the old service) was alright, but a little restrictive, whereas it seems WordPress is a lot more flexible and has better tools for the blogger of today.

Will brush up the formatting and get some of the widgets back soon, until then welcome to the new blog !

For those reading via web browsers, you should have bookmarked – if you did, then you would have automatically come here when I switched over. For those coming via RSS readers, don’t forget to update your feed to the new address.

Totally sick weight loss

15 Mar

Maybe I’ve learnt to look on the bright side of illness, but after a long running cold, during which I ate nothing but simple foods and generally tried to “starve” it off, along with a rather nasty bought of food poisoning, I noted my weight had dropped somewhat.

So I’ve been trying to keep up the healthier eating, keeping clear of the pints, and refusing all but the best snacks at work (my line manager’s wife is darn handy with cakes and going through a baking spree at the moment, so it’s been hard work let me tell you). And now the cold is gone, and equally the weather has decided to be fabulous, I can accompany that with a little exercise too.

All in all, I’m only 2-3 lbs away from being under BMI 30 again. A good milestone back toward being fit enough for 10km runs again; who knows, might get there again for this summer.

For now, it’s 2-3km alternating running and brisk walking…