Totally sick weight loss

15 Mar

Maybe I’ve learnt to look on the bright side of illness, but after a long running cold, during which I ate nothing but simple foods and generally tried to “starve” it off, along with a rather nasty bought of food poisoning, I noted my weight had dropped somewhat.

So I’ve been trying to keep up the healthier eating, keeping clear of the pints, and refusing all but the best snacks at work (my line manager’s wife is darn handy with cakes and going through a baking spree at the moment, so it’s been hard work let me tell you). And now the cold is gone, and equally the weather has decided to be fabulous, I can accompany that with a little exercise too.

All in all, I’m only 2-3 lbs away from being under BMI 30 again. A good milestone back toward being fit enough for 10km runs again; who knows, might get there again for this summer.

For now, it’s 2-3km alternating running and brisk walking…


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