Gonna take a walk down to Union Square, you never know who you’re gonna find there

25 Mar

Quick post to say I’ve been run, run, run, run, ruuuuun-ning more regularly now. Every Tuesday and Thursday to work (4km) and one day at the weekend, normally Sunday (4km).

Early days, as I’ve only managed to keep this up for 2 weeks now, but if I can keep this up, I hope to be a little lighter and more importantly a good deal fitter by the Summer. Will hopefully increase the Sunday run distance slowly too. Work isn’t getting any further away though, so might make the Tues / Thurs runs into varied speed runs as I go (e.g. 1-2 mins of “race pace” between 7-8 mins “regular jog” and build up like that).

Much of this is a desire to feel as good as I did 2 years ago, and wanting to be fit before my wedding (and future fatherhood, which seems to be a physical trial on any man !) But I also must also thank the stick – being reminded by my oncologist that obesity is tied in with recurrences of bowel cancers – and the carrot –  Jon bought me a really good rough guide book to running, with lots of tips to keep the hobby interesting and answer any concerns I had.


2 Responses to “Gonna take a walk down to Union Square, you never know who you’re gonna find there”

  1. Hardy March 29, 2010 at 2:50 pm #

    Is the book any good? I am looking for a good book about running myself, since I am getting a little bored. And here is another carrot 🙂 I am looking for ages for a partner in crime to run Marthon du Mdeoc (http://www.marathondumedoc.com). How does that sound? Running, wine, good food?

    • Turner March 29, 2010 at 4:00 pm #

      Yeah, book is pretty good. Not sure if someone into the hobby would get a lot out of it, but it’s certainly good for getting into the hobby properly.

      Hmmmmm – a marathon in fancy dress (or “disguise” as they call it on the website) might be a bit hardcore for someone only hoping to run 10kms by summer currently. But could be talked around – I DO like wine and good food ! Looks like they charge quite a bit – not sure if you can conditionally reserve hotel rooms based on getting a marathon place ? I guess if I spoke French it would be clearer.

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