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I want to lie shipwrecked and comatose, drinking fresh mango juice

10 Jul

Last post was from New York (reminder : upload photos to my smugmug galleries) since which I’ve been up in Scotland for a long weekend, during which I hosted a very fun murder mystery (reminder : chase participants for photos and stories from event) and now I find myself having fun (fun fun) in the sun (sun sun) on Naxos (reminder : apply aftersun before going out).

Actually, by fun I mean spending time with the in-laws-to-be, and by in the sun I mean cowering in the shade except for a brief dip when it gets cooler. So far, no burning ! It’s been a while since I had more than a week off, and only as I approach the second week do I start to feel the true holiday freedom sink in. Blissful. It also have me good time to reflect on habits started, habits stopped and what things I have going on in the “real world”. (reminder : check what’s going on in the real world). Hence I find myself blogging (been a while, I know) and also running ! Oh yeah, and getting back on top of my ever handy stress removing “getting things done” system which sort of works.

But where was I ? Ah yes, running !Mimi suggested we brought our running gear along – I pictured maybe 1-2 runs over the holiday – but we’ve in fact gone out for a couple of runs around Athens and now a couple around Naxos too. All around 5km in the early morning to try and avoid too much of the heat. I see a nice 10km loop out into the countryside on my gmaps pedometer website too – tried it this morning (solo) but got a little worried I was lost and headed back after 3km. Turns out I WAS on track, maybe I’ll find time to do it before the ferry back to Athens next week.

Anyhow, 7 more days of Greek sun and I’m back to London. Not that it’s all been relaxing, mind you. I’ve also been in regular contact with a migration agent in Syndey who is going to help appeal for my “health waiver”. Apparently I’ll need one of these to get my visa granted, they have decided, and it’s not a guaranteed thing. Nonetheless, I’ve got some good evidence on my side, so hopefully with my migration agents focused “spin” on the facts, I should be able to present good feedback. All this needs to be done by… the day I get back from holiday ! Hence spending a little too much time online when I should be enjoying the sun. From the cool indoor shade, that is 🙂