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Should of gone with Mastercard

25 Sep

Still no word with the visa. GAAAAHHHH !!!!

With our house lease up in 4 weeks, and a planned leaving date of 4 weeks after that, things are now looking very imminent – but without the final decision I’m living two lives, kinda like the film sliding doors, except this sucks. So actually, exactly like the film sliding doors.

We’ve got some parties sorted now – a UK family gathering, Mimi’s having a Hen, I’ve HAD a Stag do (more on that another time – but lets just say Butlins, Morris Dancing Outfit, and no I didn’t). Also got a leaving London party on Nov 6th too – no details yet, lemme know if your free though !

In the meantime, I’ve got some photos up for our New York Trip.

Been a long day, I’ll cut it there.