Fool me once, and your onto a fairly safe bet you’ll keep fooling me

14 Oct

So, after hints that I’d get a decision in 2 weeks turned into a month, and the followup hints that it would only be a week away turned into 2 weeks, my latest hint suggested I’d have my visa either yesterday or today.

I tried not to get my hopes up. I really did. But I did. And now, at “everyone has gone home O’clock”… still no news on my visa 😦

I understood this would be a long process, up to 10 months on the literature. And the rate it moved along suggested at least 4-5 months, so I started to guess 6-7 to manage expectations. But basically, the issue isn’t HOW long it takes, it’s the lack of visible progress or even vaguely useful guesstimate to work with. Maybe people get angry and ranty at the embassy when they said it would “likely be two more months” so they started to sugar-coat their estimates, but I’d prefer an honest, pessimistic guess to what appear to be best wishes optimistic replies.

I ran myself into the ground with some heavy weekend socialising to crush the anxiety of upcoming house moving, which has driven my immune system into the ground and now I have a stinking cold. Have spent a few hours today packing my first few boxes for the move. My… 7th London housemove, and probably 30ish time stuffing some of these things into boxes. Have called around for some storage and man with van quotes too for next weekend. After that, Mimi and I are sofa surfing bound for… well, who know how long for ?!! Someone does, but they’re not telling…


One Response to “Fool me once, and your onto a fairly safe bet you’ll keep fooling me”

  1. Alastair October 15, 2010 at 8:28 am #

    Guh… that’s depressing. 😦

    Sorry to hear it’s been such a constant ball ache. We’ve got a cold dark spare room with a Futon in it if you get stuck and need to use it though. 🙂

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