Leaving London

7 Nov

Last night, we marked our imminent departure from London in proper UK style, we had some drinks. In less-than-typical UK style, I managed to pace myself quite nicely and so have good memories of spending lots of time with good friends of all ages (from 3 weeks old, all the way up to “undisclosed”). Then I had a whole bunch of Jägerbombs and the whole night vanished in a blur of poor recall !

Still feels odd to have these events… and then not quite be leaving ! We are still around the UK for 2 more weeks of work and a few days afterwards. In some ways it almost feels like we’re not going – we had the party, and now we’re still here; nothing’s changed ! But as the days keep ticking past, I think it’s slowly seeping into my head. Maybe once I’ve been in Australia a few weeks and worked out I don’t have a return flight booked it will finally hit home !

Still, many great memories of last night, and if we’d remembered not to pack the camera cable, we might even have been able to share our photos too ! Ah well, that’ll have to wait until Australia. Which we’re going too. Quite soon. Apparently. Gosh.


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