The honeymoon period is over – time for the rest of your life !

13 Mar

It’s been a blur, the last two months. The 30-day “exercise every day” plan was inspiring, mainly thanks to lots of support on Facebook. Thanks to those who added comments and likes, and apologies to those who’s news feeds were spammed by my daily activities ! Now settling back into a more familiar 3-times-a-week program to train up for a 5.2km run, only 5 weeks away. It’s called “run for the kids” and the new Mrs Turner (Mimi) and I are both entering. Support in the form of comments and well-wishes are highly valued as always, but if you’d like to add a small cash donation too, we’ve setup a wee charity page – all the monies go to the Good Friday Appeal which is raising funds for kids hospitals.

What else… Oh yeah, we got married !!! The wedding was wonderful, went off without a hitch, and as promised seemed to go far too fast ! It was a shame it all had to end before we could get a decent wedding disco going, but with only had 5 hours for the post-ceremony celebrations, we had to also fit in 3 courses of food, speeches, drinking and a spot of Greek dancing all before the standard disco got squeezed out, as well as throw a bouquet, say a quick goodbye to everyone, and also get a surprise song sung for me by my new lady wife; which was super-sneaky as whilst my surprise-detection alarms had been ringing slightly (I swear, I’m a hard man to surprise with events, much to my own annoyance as I love surprises), Mimi had covered her plans well and I really didn’t expect her to want to sing on her big wedding day.

A preview video of the event is currently online which we got a fabulous deal on, as we just paid for the main guy, but he was trying out some “two cameraman techniques” for his new package (see the website for details !) and as he needed to get some sample videos first, we essentially got a free upgrade. We love the preview and can’t wait for the full thing ! We also have our photos too, some of which are really nice; I have uploaded a cut-down number (still 200 !) of official wedding photos onto my photo site, more cunning people can click around to find the “all photos” gallery too, but there are a lot of similar shots there to get through. I’ve also got some great shots from parents / aunts cameras, which I’ll add into a new gallery soon, as well as some fabulous shots from our honeymoon.

On which note we’ve just returned from a lovely 8 days in Thailand where we did as little as possible, and it was wonderful ! I always thought a Honeymoon might suffer from “Expectations fuel disappointment” syndrome; like how when you want New Year to be the best party ever, which pretty much guarantees it’s not going to be, but I’m pleased to say we had a really great time, and got to spend a lot of time reconnecting after stressful planning months where we really sank into our own worlds at points. Can honestly say I was fully “loved up” by the end of the holiday, the aftershocks of such gooey-eyed affection still being dealt with by Mimi’s folks who we are once again lodging with temporarily. Well, temporarily, but still for a little while as it seems no-one noticed / mentioned that the 6-month rental agreement on Mimi’s flat was a 60-day notice period ROLLING contract, so we only actually served notice a few days ago ! The plan had been to move in this coming weekend, it might now be as late as mid-May depending on when the tenants find somewhere else (they could still leave early, it’s up to them really).

Ah well, gives me more time to find a job before renovation plans need to be addressed. A few nibbles so far, but not really ventured far into that world yet. Still finishing off some “bedroom coding” I was doing pre-wedding, and also have about 200-pages MORE paperwork as I need to file for a temporary resident visa NOW (not in two years, as I’d thought). Getting the visa should be a no-brainer, but it’s filling out pretty much ALL THE SAME FORMS I DID LAST TIME. Really Australia ? This helps you, how ? Nonetheless, with old copies I can almost copy and paste answers from, it’s going to be quicker this time to complete some of my least-favourite questions such as “list all the countries you have visited, with start and end dates, in the last 10 years”. With only 7 boxes to input the answers in, I’m guessing Australian’s aren’t as familiar with the concept of a “weekend break” holiday as us Brit’s…


2 Responses to “The honeymoon period is over – time for the rest of your life !”

  1. Beth March 14, 2011 at 5:20 am #

    Ah yes, the dreaded “list the countries, start & end dates & reasons for being there” box – I think the UK one I did had about 7 boxes and room for about 15 characters in each one. But the nice thing is that I’ve only had to fill it out once so far 😉

  2. World Backup Day April 5, 2011 at 8:39 am #

    I’m the guy that coordinated World Backup Day.
    If I am correct and I usually am then you are the @phantomwhale and you don’t like to respond on Twitter.

    If you want your prize then follow @WorldBackupDay so I can send it to you! And no, I am not a Nigerian Prince.

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