Long time coming

18 Jul

Yeah, it’s been a while. I still get one or two hits a day, even after 3 months of not posting ! Thanks whoever you both are – this ones for you ๐Ÿ˜‰

So I’ve been dividing my time digitally at the moment. Firstly, we’ve got social networking over on Facebook, and now moving onto Google+. Jury still out a bit there, but Google+ feels like a great replacement for “big group e-mails not saying much” (like sharing a link with certain mates, or asking for help from a cross-section of unrelated mates) with it’s circles concept, where as Facebook is still, like the blog, pretty much a “Hey everyone ! This happened !” platform. Except Facebook has a few more hits than me.

Problem with that is I don’t get to do what I do best, ramble… So I’m sticking to blogging for a while yet !

I’ve also been running a few mini-blogs. One is for the computer game development I’m doing for Fantasy Grounds, where I am blogging all the new features I’m writing as I do them. This gives users a chance to comment, or even suggest other approaches before release. It also lets them know the project hasn’t stalled ! Probably won’t mean much to people, but you might like to check it out anyway – it’s got lots of pictures ! http://sw4fg2.tumblr.com/

Another mini-blog, which stalled and got resurrected today, was a gratitude blog. The theory is by being grateful every day for some little action, you condition your brain to realise your life is more awesome than you’d realised. So it’s free happyness ! Given all reality is simply your perception of itย  anyway, it felt like a good lifehack to try out. However, I think it was sapping the creative part of me that wanted to blog, which meant it both missed the point of looking INSIDE myself for this little, maybe trivial, nugget of daily thanks, and stopped me writing a big rambly post letting people know what’s up! Anyhow, that’s still going in some form over here : http://mydailythanks.tumblr.com/

Work-wise, I’m doing a part-time contract still in the fantastic Ruby on Rails framework (it’s a techy thing). It’s been really good doing that as well as the Fantasy Grounds stuff (which is a language called Lua – it’s Portugese for Moon !) as I feel I’m giving myself a broader picture of software development, if not just a break from Java. Sometimes you can get lost in the forest as there are too many trees sort of thing. I’ve got three interviews this week for more permanent roles, some standard Java roles, a couple of startups bubbling along, and a contract more into the testing side of things. All of which are interesting. All with a benefit-vrs-cash payoff too !

And whilst it’s been a great few months of career building, my new home loan is active, my savings depleted from a heartbreaking exchange rate, and renovations are finally moving along. Pictures of rubble and missing walls to come soon – promise ! So at this stage, something that primes the salary pump would be welcome – can always better my career after hours if need be. Which kind of is my confessional to being a social hermit – working from home (the in-laws !) and not going out much makes Ben a scarily dull boy ! But it also has offered up a lot of spare hours to invest into me. I’ve probably squandered a fair few, but overall I hope it results in something good. A month in the UK was certainly a great tonic and timed well, and it was awesome to see as many people as I could. Lots of photos from my time there on http://benturner.smugmug.com/

Anyway, first of those interviews is on the phone in 10 mins, so a quick reread of my CV is in order. At least my mind is quieted, news shared, and blog updated. I can relax, for a while ๐Ÿ™‚


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