Moving on and going nowhere

19 Dec

Last post had me polishing up my CV – this one has me saying goodbye ! I’ve spent the last five months working for Sensis, the place I originally met my wife, and ended up working on the same team I was at last time I was here. This initially gave me some great context to hit the ground running with, and I’m quite pleased to say I got a couple of awesome new systems in place during my time here. But equally, the work isn’t quite in fitting with my renewed drive to widen and improve my knowledge as a general technologist (or Polygot Programmer, as some are calling it). So when an opportunity to join another company doing smaller, more agile work in a different technical space outside of my comfort zone came up, I jumped at it.

Today was the official announcement; got a little bit of flak given the length of my role there which is fair enough. Mostly people are supportive though, although we had some other guys leave as I arrived, so I guess my departure will be bundled into that as part of a larger group leaving the workplace, so not ideal for morale. But it also means with only a week’s notice for my contract that I can leave by xmas, and have a bit of time off between roles to spend with the Wife and do a bit more on my side projects (Fantasy Grounds coding, and the freelance work for the start up). Speaking of which, the start up has been getting some more interest, so hopefully there will be a little more work on the side there, and maybe a chance to salary-sacrifice for  a little equity too. In either case, here is their brand new website !

So another hot xmas down under looms, and Mimi and I will be spending it with her family – although this is sort of a given as our flat, after 6+ months, has still not completed renovation. It started as a great deal – Mimi’s cousin working on it as he could for mate’s rates. But over recent months, we have struggled to get any regular contact with the cousin, and naturally mate’s rates have led to us getting mate’s time, or worse. Suspect he’s still of the mind he’s doing this as a favor for us, but the sheer constraints and stresses of being without a place of our own far outweigh any financial benefit. I’d happily offer him full-time rates if I could get full-time commitment back, but after the number of ignored phone calls and unmet half-promises in the past, I suspect that isn’t a realistic option. I really can’t see it being done before the end of January at the moment, especially as most tradespeople take this period as holiday. It’s really very frustrating, and suspect it’s gonna to either involve a big wait or a big cost as we get someone else in to finish the job – not sure we can afford either 😦

Life otherwise tries to plod on. I’ve got a couple of semi-regular groups I play games with. There are a few technical meetups were I meet similar crowds each time, and I dare say there are a couple of people I might count as good mates now out of this. Plus I’m still in touch with old friends from previous time here as well as meeting some of Mimi’s friends. So it’s an embryonic and growing social life ! I’ve also managed to get a bit better at regular runs – did an organised 10km run just over a week ago, despite not training for the 2-3 weeks before, and then got in two more 5-6km hill runs last week. Finally picked a fancy GPS tracker app too, which tells me my KM lap times and makes me feel quite slow. It’s incredibly motivating 🙂

One more week at work until unemployment and xmas. Not in my own home, but 2 out of 3 will have to do for now !


One Response to “Moving on and going nowhere”

  1. Mary December 19, 2011 at 7:27 pm #

    It’s lovely to read an update and hear things are mostly going well. I’m also having a short gap between jobs and also still living with parents while builders continue not-quite-finishing our house. Many shared frustrations there! You’re not copying my life are you? Best of luck with the new job and moving into your new place!

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