The world will begin in 2012

4 Mar

Today we start our fourth house sit during the last few months. Seeking a break from living with the in-laws, and the doldrums that our renovations were stuck in, we are staying up in the classy suburb of North Fitzroy and enjoying a day doing nothing – out of choice, for the wife, out of a lack of choice for me 😦 I’m hoping things pick up a bit more socially this year, but truth be told have made little effort so far.

ImageAnother joy of house sitting is looking after pets – we have a gorgeous kitty to look after again, who has once again reminded us today of her true animal nature by trying to bring us a (live) gift. Lots of water spray, a smacked bottom and a short spell shut in the living room have left her quite sulky – but suspect she’ll be back for some affection soon. We are being aloof; can’t see it lasting. God knows where the mouse got to – I’m kind of rooting for the cat to find it now. Yep, now I have a cat’s head on my wrist – suspect finishing this post is going to be tricky…

The renovation doldrums may end soon, as we have found a new builder to complete the work for us. We await a few quotes from his subcontractors this week, but suspect unless the cost is absurd we’ll go with him. He seems very professional, and responsive; both good signs, we believe ! More on that as it happens, but in short, suspect we’ll be throwing money in large sums here to get our lives back.

So that leaves March as a somewhat frugal time ! Trying to curtail extra spending – February was quite decadent with my birthday, our anniversary, valentines and booking flights to the UK in June. Also trying to focus solidly on weight loss – have managed three runs a week for the last fortnight, and hope to keep that up over the next few months. Looking forward in April then to some good shows as part of Melbourne Comedy Festival, and maybe another frugal month in May to spend our money in the UK in June – the Aussie dollar still seems crazy strong right now, and having suffered the bad part of that last year, it might be nice to have a turn with the good part of that this year.



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