In sickness and in health

17 Sep

It’s hard to believe we’ve been in Australia as long as we have, coming up to 3 years now. In many ways, it’s been head down and get on with things, but more and more it’s becoming head up and what are we actually doing exactly ?

One part of this has been focus on good health – both for us and any potential new additions to our lives down the line. We have gone pretty full-on with this, quitting all caffiene and alcohol for starters. But we’ve also picking up some dietary improvements, like no sugar, no dairy, and limited grains. It’s all 80/20 (we’re allowed a meal off now and then), but still quite a big change.

A month in, and mixed feelings. I certainly have fewer caffiene slumps, and missing out on Friday beers is both a social shame, but also a boon to keeping the weight loss going – I had my first glimpse of the 15 stone something range last week !

But also as part of this lifestyle / health overhaul, it was noted once again that a few of my blood levels are still quite low – possibly as they always have been, but the chemo of years back gave them another big knock – that being my white blood cell, iron and platlet counts. Having had this confirmed, my body then pulled off a big placebo trick, and I promptly fell sick with a cold – of which this is day three and I’m still struggling to recover.

I guess it took three days out of “daily life” for me to get to the point of actually writing a blog post again ! Might be the first one I’ve written in many years without a nice cup of tea at my side – of all the things, I think I miss Darjeeling tea the most (sorry beer). But much that is psychological, right now, as when I’m not sick I do feel energised enough during the day without tea or the occasional sugar hit. And my running has (had) been going pretty well; 2 x 8km and a ~12km weekend run each week. Think there will a tough run later this week as I get back into it – always hurts more after a small break.

So that’s me right now. Will be back in the UK over xmas, so look forward to seeing some friends and family then. And maybe that 80/20 rule might have to come closer to 50/50, at least for a few days.


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