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Just a little longer – but leaving soon !

27 Jul
I pondered the whats and the whys, and I’ve decided to extend my time in Melbourne a little bit longer – but only by two weeks. This gives me time to wrap up work, tax and travel stuff, and get ready for another few months of backpacker living (no more lattes for a while, anyway…) At the end of the day, Melbourne is very nice, and I’ve got some great friends over here now – but I’m not really putting roots down here, and as such life has felt a bit too static. I can’t gather possessions (such as cooking ingrediants to learn to cook better, cocktail stuff for mixing of fine beverages, or a kick-ass PC for the playing of Doom3 !)

So I am hitting the road again August 20th, and probably travelling into Novemeber at the very least. As I have booked a snowboarding holiday the day after xmas, I am looking at being home for quite a bit beforehand, but won’t really have time to get a decent job, so some major budgeting may be required ! Prehaps it’s time to hit Thailand / cheap East Asian areas…

Anyhow, plans change, and I’ll try and avoid making every post nothing more than a “returning home date update” from now on ! Esp. as I might have some adventures and things to report on again. Recent happenings have been some heavy partying and general rock and roll behaviour – and the discovery that the day after always hurts more than it did last time ! All worth it though, Melbourne really never sleeps – we went out to a club around 2:30am the other night, no cover, and walked right in. Can’t often do that back at home…

Final news is new Melbourne pictures are on the website – these are some real old pictures (pre-Tasmania) that I found lying around on my PC of a few backpacker parties and social dos, including the infamous Saint Kilda lawn bowling session (that I won along with my elite partner, Rob). Mainly of interest to fellow Pink house people, I reckon, but feel free to have a look see.


Wrapping up or staying put ?

22 Jul

Life in Melbourne suffered a large shakeup recently, with my house/work/drinking mate Hardy heading off back to Europe today. This means I am now sleeping on friends floors, moving each weekend to avoid over-staying my welcome ! I am also now working in a brand spanking new futuristic office building in the middle of the city, so spending lots more cash on smoothies and coffee.

But when will this life of city decadance end ? The current termination date for my contract is set for the 5th August, just over 2 weeks away. Plan is then to travel for a couple of months around Oz and head home, possibly with a stop over in Japan or even Taiwan.

So does this finally answer the enternal question of my return date ? Erm… well… it kinda does… but then I met this girl… but I want to travel… Hmmm, let’s just say “watch this space” 🙂