Australia: rebooted

15 May

Next weekend will be hard and gruelling. And I’m really happy about it – because next weekend we move house! Finally or renovations are finalising, flooring is down and we are in a position to move into our new apartment.

We’ve also been battling some hectic work schedules these past few weeks; Mimi is running evening focus groupsĀ  and will be out of state next week, and I’ve been trying to finish off two side-projects for extra cash and to clear my plate for mid-June. By then we should be semi-nested and ready for our four week holiday back in the UK.

Another milestone is my three years clear mark on my cancer recovery. On July 1st I will be out of chemotherapy for there full years, and after last weeks scan, certified still clear of cancer. Statistically this is quite significant – most recurrences of my strain of cancer happen within that period. So I’ll be looking forward to raising a few glasses on this anniversary. Still have annual checkups ahead of me, for which I’m glad ! But I can certainly go forward with the next stage of our lives with greater confidence that this is behind me.

The last year and a bit have been mixed, and not all bad, but I know that a great weight is slowly being lifted now as we look forward to getting a lot more of our lives and independence back.


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