A much needed break

23 Feb

Hi all,

Felt a mini-update in order, although truth be told almost everything that used to be  blogging fodder ends up on Facebook now – it’s pretty much what it was designed for !

That said, it did seem noteworthy that Mimi and I took our first “proper” holiday since our Honeymoon. Yes, I know we went back the UK, but those holidays were not very good holidays for “us” (e.g. spending time just the two of us). So we were pretty thrilled to get a voucher from a friend for a weekend in the hunter valley at a health retreat – Tai Chi, exercise, no alcohol / caffeine and lovely, healthy food. Not too many pictures from there, as moblle phones (our cameras !) are not permitted outside of villas. Having escape the bleeps and the poisons, we then went down to Sydney and had a quick “re-tox” session, having some great meals with friends and Mimi’s cousins out there. We also watched the entire Indiana Jones trilogy again during that time – random, but awesome.

Photos on my equally neglected smugmug site


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