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The Sixth Cycle

16 Feb

It’s been a while since I blogged – partly as lots of things have happened, and partly as nothing has changed.

It was my birthday a couple of weeks ago, and I had a really good party with lots of mates (only a small handful who I managed to actually talk to) and got lots of love sent my way. This was awesome, and really helped pick up my spirits.

My spirits were down at that point as the spots were back ! The nasty things that riddled the top part of my body (including all over my poor head) had come back almost as bad as over xmas, Which led to lots of scratching, pain and pretty bad sleeping patterns. I was looking forward to blogging now about how they had retreated, and in the last few days they were down to “cosmetically annoying” but I can shower and sleep with a relative lack of discomfort. But already, after my injection a week ago, I feel them coming back once more – I guess they will come and go throughout my treatment – but they are certainly one of the least pleasent parts about all of this.

But not long to go (only just over 2 months ?!?) – today is the start of the sixth cycle, almost anniversary worthy in itself. Which means another week on the steroids (lack of sleep / feeling wired) and not being able to touch anything under room temperature. Fun. Only three more weeks like this to go though.

Otherwise it’s a case of soldiering on. There is talk about me going to get a second opinion on the scans I’ve had with another liver surgeon, just to be sure that avoiding surgery is the right thing to try now. It’s not the common approach to curing this form of cancer, so my oncologist wants to be sure we’ve made the right choice.

Right, time to get my jumper(s) on and head to the clinic for more drugs ! Yey !