28+ Children later

12 Jul

Ok, this is the “photo post” of our trip back to the UK (see prev. post) – you can also view the whole album online.

Our trip started at home, where we got to see our nephew Charley, and our nieces Liv and Izzy


Then time to catch up with our Reading friends, with little Belle and Finn


Next, to the North to visit James and Kit


A family gathering allowed us to finally meet our cousins’ babies, Jack, Gus and Zach. And non-baby Oscar, of course.


Then to London to meet Felix, Isobel, Christopher, Natasha, Orson, Sorrel and Alice


And another Reading catch up with Brummie-based James

A quick visit to Greece (for Mimi) let her see Thomas and Themis


And a picnic saw Sebastian, Gruff, Max and Cleo, along with a brunch with Maddie, Thomas and Caitlin. And there were also sightings of Ella, baby George and brand new baby Arabella at weddings, but for all these kids we didn’t manage to take any pictures somehow (D’oh).

All in all, 28 (or just over) kids in 28 days. It was… exhausting 🙂


One Response to “28+ Children later”

  1. Tom Rampton November 24, 2012 at 8:09 am #

    Sorry to leave a slightly random reply on your blog (which is a very interesting read by the way), but this isnt Ben Turner as in UCS London is it? If not, sorry. But if so, please email me. I think I know you from school (and now we live in Abbotsford Melbourne), and may have a shared interest the upcoming boardgame dreadball! Cheers, Tom

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