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I don’t really remember being THAT cold…

27 Feb

Is the weather at home really this bad ?

I’m not sure I could deal with that sort of temprature any more…

Good thing I’m coming home for summer 🙂


Further adventures in Melbourne

25 Feb

My morning running habit has carried on with “every other morning” being the accepted attendance level. Already feeling a little healthier for it all. Of course the increase in drinking that comes with suddenly having money is probably off-setting this gain, but no-ones perfect…

In other news, I continue to be an absent-minded fool as always, and forgot that my flight out of Brisbane to Singapore was originally booked for last Saturday. I called them up and discovered the reservations were simply cancelled and I could reorganise my flights at no extra cost (phew). I also discovered my tickets definaltly expire on June 21st, so my latest revised plan is :

  • 9th May : Last Day of contract

  • 26th May : Brisbane -> Singapore

  • 30th May : Singapore -> Bangkok

  • 20th June : Bangkok -> London (arriving 7:10pm)

Of course, all these plans may change at the drop of a hat – but then again, that’s the whole appeal of travelling in a nutshell – the freedom to do what you want with your time and the associated responsibility with not wasting it all sitting infront of the TV ! That said, I have been watching a lot of “Neighbours” recently, but only to see if Dr Karl gets back together with the Susan (MILF). It’s a tricky subject – but if I start watching reality TV shows, I give people permission to pull the plug – It’ll be better that way.

Melbourne Life

18 Feb

I am now into week two of the new job, and it’s going pretty good. Lots of familiar J2EE web stuff and some new technologies to pick up. The job is for sensis, who make the on-line yellow pages and other search directories for Australia.

Last friday was work drinks, where I proceeded to drink for England (they had PINTS !) and left sometime later to meet up with backpacker mates in the Casino – where I then played drunken blackjack and won $150. I have this system, you see…

With my casino winnings I picked up some new clothes, including some running shoes and shorts – the intention being to go running before work in the big park next to my hostel. I’ve managed two runs out of four this week, which isn’t bad – and I am sooooo out of shape.

Currently looking for a possible faltshare or someway to not be living in a 3-bed dorm… although given my minimal commitment (just under 3 months) I am suspecting the hostel may be my new home for this period !

I am SOOOO employed !!!

4 Feb

In a shock moment of efficency, I got a call this morning confirming I have got the contract role I interviewed for yesterday !

Which means this weekend I will be flying (or coaching – not rich yet !) down to Melbourne where the job is based, and will be working there for the next 3 months. This also means it is more than likely I will remain out of the UK for the full year length of my ticket now and return mid-June.

Needles to say, I am very happy right now – best birthday present ever 🙂

Cross fingers

3 Feb

A couple of days back in Sydney, and one possible job in Melbourne has presented itself. Just finished the phone interview, and apparently the interviewer was impressed – although I muffed up a few questions in one area (UNIX).

Should know the results (“no” or a job offer) within 48 hours and needless to say, if it can be crossed, it is…

Road Trip (part 3)

2 Feb

Yesterday I arrived back in Sydney and checked into the hostel I had been at before I left, the pink house.

The journey home from the road trip was mainly unremarkable save a couple of points. Firstly, we managed to cover over 2,000km in only 3 days – taking 2 hours shifts at the wheel and pushing hard through the Outback. Here, we stopped at desolate roadhouses and small mining towns – with a little more time, money and 4-wheel drive I would like to have explored more of the area.

We also stopped in the blue mountains on the way back for a “one hour tour”. As Graham and Simon had both been out here before, this involved them driving me to various lookouts to see the sights (three sisters etc…) before getting into Sydney at a reasonable hour.

So today I am sorting out photos and e-mails, applying for jobs and tonight celebrating my birthday with a few beers and a burger, I think. Links to photos coming soooon…